RxJs with jspm and Typescript

I just had to add RxJs to an Angular project that is using jspm, typescript and ES6 modules. This all went pretty smoothly with a simple

jspm install rx

However, when I came to use it I initially tried the same style import as with the jspm angular module, eg.

import 'rx';

var eventsStream = new Rx.Subject();

This gives an 'Rx is not defined' error as rx is a commonjs module, so not brashly exposing itself in the global namespace. This was easily fixed by changing to

import Rx from 'rx';

Everything then worked as expected in the browser - except the Typescript compiler was now complaining that "Module '"rx"' has no default export."

Changing the above to "import {Rx} from 'rx'" didn't help. The only workaround I could find to keep the typescript compiler happy was to change the last line of the rx.d.ts file  from

declare module "rx" { export = Rx; }


declare module "rx" { export default Rx; }

This change made everybody happy for now!

If there is a way to use ES6 import syntax with the jspm RxJs commonjs module without having to edit the rx.d.ts file please let me know.

EDIT: Thanks to Robert's comment below - turns out a better approach is to use the following import syntax, and this keeps the typescript compiler happy without having to edit rx.d.ts file.

import * as Rx from 'rx';