Domain Driven Design in Laravel 4 - Part 2

Not a huge amount of progress on getting a complete architecture together to reflect DDD in Laravel, but a couple of extra things to note:
  1. A good article was recently written by @Fideloper - DDD, ORMs and Anemic Domain Models. Not specifically in relation to Laravel, but well worth a read, and he has some good thoughts about wiring up the domain objects to the persistence layer, which is something I am currently grappling with.
  2. I have modified slightly the application folder structure and renamed the 'Model' folder to 'Domain', to avoid any confusion with the traditional models folder that would hold eloquent models in the case of Laravel. So it now looks something like this:

Edit 6 June 2014: Been side tracked with other projects so haven't made much more progress on this - but have been doing lots of reading and thinking - hopefully back to it soon with some more ideas and a git hub repo with some example code - watch this space!


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